Albion Online: the changes and the upcoming wipe

I think its just the changes and the upcoming wipe that hurt a lot of people who want to earn Cheap Albion Online Gold, example for me I used to love playing solo with warbow i could go out and get away from everyone farm away now that its been nerfed into the ground i havnt actually found a new weapon i like yet just because i cant get away from a zerg or even a high cursed staff user will just melt me same as the crossbow it shoots people off screen but at least you can get away from the crossbow but no other weapon had hard cc like warbow now your flat out getting 2-3 people in the stun..

Point being to go out into open world i wont go without a few people now because the risk over reward is not enough to me, and if i cant find the people i just log off and watch anime.

I love my longbow but i dont think any weapon comes close to the old warbow for soloing im defs not in game alot more because of this change just to note ive gone from playing 12 hours a day to maybe 2-3 hours a day just because i cant solo anymore and i cant find Albion Online Powerleveling that want to do stuff in game all the time in a small group.

I’ve definitely seen a decline in just the past week alone. My play spiked after Brutus because of the addition of single/duo dungeons. I ran like 15 of them then wanted to do something else. If there were more undead dungeons, giant dungeons, morgana dungeons, a larger variety of enemies, more biomes and a diverse world, solo/duo hell gates, higher level hell gates, quests, arenas, unique cities, unique stories, and more compelling reasons to PVP, I’d have a real hard time logging out :)

The game obviously needs more content and SBI seems to be working on it. You can’t blame people for tapping the breaks and it takes time to develop quality content. The framework is there, now its time to add the game.

I’m just waiting for the wipe to start playing again. All these changed destroyed the purity of my character (The Skill Tree rework and all that). Also, I lost my founder items, I don’t have premium anymore, and I can’t afford one with Albion Online Silver cause the silver prices are really high for me.

But the main problem is that I can’t delete my main toon and then create another one with the same name. I’m really obsessed with the aesthetics and all that, and if I can’t play a toon with the name that I want, I just don’t play it cause it feels unconformable to me. I seriously don’t understand why you can’t re-use a name. It’s ridiculous. Or at least let us change the forum name so I can have the same name on forums and in-game.

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