Blade & Soul: grinding, and I’m really loving this game

At the moment though, I really don’t like how everything is gated behind this merry potter RNG rare ass drop. I’ve been running this countless times at the hopes that I can outbid another player for it. The alternative is pay players who were lucky enough to get this thing and are making hundreds of BNS Gold because of it. I would rather grind a dungeon over and over for a chance at my weapon, than pay lucky players, as the only way of advancing my gear. Even if it took a month of grinding for a weapon, i’d prefer it over scrounging around for 10g while this guy is making 100g a day because of rng.

I should be running poh over and over to get geared out, not brightstone ruins with a hope at a merry potter recipe. I mean accessories need five of these moonwater transformation stones. At current prices that’s 50g for one. Or I could spend/farm 60g in mats and make 10, if I had this recipe is a 5% (guess) rng drop that needs to be bidded against to get. I saw a damn player with a maxed out siren sword already, it had 100 more attack. That’s insane. Just because he was lucky enough to get the merry potter drop.

Why upgrade Accessories? Non-Legendary Accessories is one of the most scummiest thing in BnS history, you waste hundreds of BNS Golds, for what? Barely any improvement. Stick with Awakened Infernal, it’s fine. Don’t upgrade. This saves you a lot of trouble and gold. It’s not even end game yet, you can bet NA Accessory upgrade gonna get worse.

As for weapon, stay at True Profane 10, just couple stones to get there, and you can nearly get 5~10 BNS Golds per day. Why go further? Awakened Siren 10 is garbage, barely much difference and you SACRIFICED one of the best buffs in the game from True Profane. Sure, you going to feel that difference with True Siren 10, that’s why you should only upgrade from True Profane all the way to True Siren without any break. BUT, there’s no need to go that far. The Supply Chain, Harbor, Mushin 1~7 can all be annihilated with True Profane 10.

tldr Forget that recipe and just farm your daily Blade & Soul Gold, by the time you have 100~500 golds, the stones would be at lower prices and you can easily go from True Profane to True Siren. Have fun, you are the one playing the game, NOT the other way around.

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