Blade and soul Silverfrost maps

So i finally got more time to run trough new maps and my impression was not good at all.
I mean maps are huge but empty and watching pretty background gets boring really fast.

Also human nature never cease to amaze me not sure if its the fault of fast and easy cross-server dungeon thing or what but most ppl will rather solo everything then join the party or actually bother making one. My gem of experiance was in beastbog where it was obvious that multiple ppl are solo just trying hard to ks from each other and one especially smart dude out of them overpulled mobs and died with Blade & Soul Gold. Which made him rage at me coz i was near him and didn’t help him or sent him invite to pt. Now at that time i was solo but my request for pt was pending and nobody applyed for half a hour so yeah…

Other then that for boring dailys where you get mostly rng boxes (boss included) waiting time for respwams is just too high i dont even bother waiting for those around as i wasted 1h in beastbog till that one spwamed.
And then you die and miss your chance to finish quest.
Now E.fleet and harbor ware boring at time but easy enough which made them effective for what they ware an pve fix for a day. But those new ones so far are just major boredom of waiting till something happens.

Other then that this whole thing screams beta as in rushed as in not polished enough when i look at their translation so far and i dont mean just on those google.translate (or maybe was it yahoo one) skill discriptions but other stuff as well.
It just felt at time like someone played prank on dude who was doing voiceover and then one writting sub for cinematics by giving them 2 diffrent scripts as some parts had whole conversation not matching up.

Harvest thing is nice example of not enough info as i was confused of how or where to even start it till i asked in global chat.

For some reason game feels more unstable then before i got 2-3 crashes during story cinematic and it tends to drop Blade And Soul Items just as boss is about to unload his big attack which makes me miss my defensive skill and then i die.

Thats about it so far can’t say that i’m enjoying it much well guess time will tell if stuff changes once more ppl start doing dailys etc.
Didn’t bother with any pvp including faction so can’t comment much on those.

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