Travel around the Blade & Soul field attacking different targets

A very insightful post, it sounds like the class suffers from they typical hybrid mentality, on paper it should be able to do two jobs but not as well as the pure ones … However their versatility is supposed to be their strength. There are a few games that have hybrid classes. Some do well, others stay forever in the “not so great” category. Sounds like Soul Fighter has a little while to go before its brought in line with other classes, but this post gave me hope for the future. Thank you very much, Blade-Soul still eager to see what this class holds for NA release once all the kinks have been worked out.

Also much of the griping might also come from the fact Warlock was (simplistically) powerful out of the gate, thus setting an expectation that was unrealistic for SF. At least that’s how I see it.

I.e It is played as a hit and run type of class whereby you travel around the field attacking different targets a few times each while building up your stacks, your party members or tank are attacking the other targets in a more full-on manner. When you finally have enough stacks, you choose 1 or more target(s) and unleash your V/F flurry/barrage.

You can move around while doing V/F as long as you are within attack range for V/F to execute. If you are too far away, the attack will not work but once you are close enough again, as long as the timer for V/F is on, you will continue to attack.

In this respect, I think it is too premature to comment that this class isn’t doing well and alot of criticism on forums about the class sucking, it is a hybrid and so on may be unjustified.

The class has only been released for barely 2 months on KR and half a month on the CN servers and in 10 days on TW/JP so its full potential has not been explored more BNS Gold.
Also, the devs in KR would have to keep track of how the class is being played and it is very likely changes will be added.

KFM also underwent something similar in the past, so I wouldn’t rule out any changes in the near future that would perhaps drastically change how the skill sets of the SF work out.

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