Albion Online: the changes and the upcoming wipe

I think its just the changes and the upcoming wipe that hurt a lot of people who want to earn Cheap Albion Online Gold, example for me I used to love playing solo with warbow i could go out and get away from everyone farm away now that its been nerfed into the ground i havnt actually found a new weapon i like yet just because i cant get away from a zerg or even a high cursed staff user will just melt me same as the crossbow it shoots people off screen but at least you can get away from the crossbow but no other weapon had hard cc like warbow now your flat out getting 2-3 people in the stun..

Point being to go out into open world i wont go without a few people now because the risk over reward is not enough to me, and if i cant find the people i just log off and watch anime.

I love my longbow but i dont think any weapon comes close to the old warbow for soloing im defs not in game alot more because of this change just to note ive gone from playing 12 hours a day to maybe 2-3 hours a day just because i cant solo anymore and i cant find Albion Online Powerleveling that want to do stuff in game all the time in a small group.

I’ve definitely seen a decline in just the past week alone. My play spiked after Brutus because of the addition of single/duo dungeons. I ran like 15 of them then wanted to do something else. If there were more undead dungeons, giant dungeons, morgana dungeons, a larger variety of enemies, more biomes and a diverse world, solo/duo hell gates, higher level hell gates, quests, arenas, unique cities, unique stories, and more compelling reasons to PVP, I’d have a real hard time logging out :)

The game obviously needs more content and SBI seems to be working on it. You can’t blame people for tapping the breaks and it takes time to develop quality content. The framework is there, now its time to add the game.

I’m just waiting for the wipe to start playing again. All these changed destroyed the purity of my character (The Skill Tree rework and all that). Also, I lost my founder items, I don’t have premium anymore, and I can’t afford one with Albion Online Silver cause the silver prices are really high for me.

But the main problem is that I can’t delete my main toon and then create another one with the same name. I’m really obsessed with the aesthetics and all that, and if I can’t play a toon with the name that I want, I just don’t play it cause it feels unconformable to me. I seriously don’t understand why you can’t re-use a name. It’s ridiculous. Or at least let us change the forum name so I can have the same name on forums and in-game.

Blade And Soul VS Guild Wars 2

Gw2 hasn’t quite been living up to it’s “friendliest community” reputation of old lately, IMO. I haven’t really hit too many trolls and such in BNS, though. The worst are bots and AFKs that leech off of dungeon parties, given that there isn’t a vote kick system in BnS. BnS is much more spammer and bot infested than Gw2, but f2p so that’s normal. Some people are a bit elitiest about AP (Attack power, not Achievement Points which is what you’d think coming from Gw2) for their dungeon groups, but that should be nothing new to you if you remember the Zerker Melee only trend in Gw2′s party finder. The servers are still separated so they have a bit more community to them than in Gw2′s megaserver shuffling. You might get to know certain players you run into frequently, though “Cross-server” dungeons let you play with people on other servers and while there is the occasional issue here and there, it’s a pretty excellent system overall. Works better than Gw2′s party finder.

PvP is primarily balanced around 1v1. Even the 3v3 team PvP is actually a tag team format. You get 5 second assists where you can jump in to gang up on someone but it’s NOTHING like Gw2′s format. Classes are mostly pretty balanced. Every single class is OP except the one you play as, as some of us like to say. Most issues where you perceive a class as overpowered are mostly skill/learning issues, but there ARE some bad matchups where there are specific disadvantages. Some are worse than others. (Warlock has that problem the worst against Forcemasters and Assasins, just to throw that out there if you’re considering that class in particular) Also to throw this out there, Summoner gets as much salt as the AI builds in Gw2, when those builds were actually good. Remember when Turret Engies were actually good and total monsters at holding points? That’s about how much salt summoner gets.

There is nothing like WvW. Faction content like Soulstone planes might sound thematically similar, but it isn’t. Large scale fights actually kind of suck. Again, 1v1 focused game. Keep in mind there is no target limit. If there’s 40 people standing on a spot you smack with an AOE or cleave, you’re gonna hit those 40 players.

BnS is much more linear than Gw2, with far less content and quest variety. Nothing interesting to do besides fight, but the combat system is amazing so it’s playing to it’s strength there. There is no gear choice. You get the literal best weapon at the start and you keep upgrading it. In practical terms, there’s no build variety in this game in terms of equipment. All of that comes from which skill trees you choose to upgrade. (Which you can respec at any time like Gw2 masteries and skills)

Towards late game, upgrading said equipment becomes very grindy and expensive. Imagine if legendary weapons in Gw2 were basically required for endgame dungeons instead of just being flashy and every single person in the game was bitterly fighting over the mats; and T6 mats climbed 60-80 silver a piece when you still need full stacks of them to make your weapon. That’s what soulstones are in BnS. (BnS gold is currently a little less inflated and harder to earn than Gw2 gold. So considering 30-40 BnS silver to be like 60-ish Gw2 silver but I’m totally guessing a conversion rate out of nothing)

Tags on most mobs are claimed by first to get a hit in. Kills are not shared unless in a party. Field bosses are an exception, but you must contribute at least 1% of the total DPS to get loot. This is harder than it sounds on a few specific bosses that get really crowded. Imagine in Gw2 if you had to do at least 1% damage to The Shatterer or Tequatl while 200 other people are trying to DPS him too. That’s what harvest square during peak times is like.

For PvE party class composition is just short of irrelevant. If you’re going for an “Optimal” party you might want one or two (But no more than two) warlocks for their special soulburn buff, someone who can tank if needed (ideally a Kung Fu Master or Blade Master but basically any classes but Warlock can pull off being a tank in some capacity when speced for it) And then whoever can bring the DPS. Not too different from Gw2 in that regard but even less class specific roles and functions.

This game is NOT alt friendly at all. No shared storage. 99% of untradable drops are character bound rather than account bound. (This really sucks for outfit drops) Speaking of outfits, there is no dye system or anything. Only customizeable outfit is the clan uniform system.

Basically, if you like the feel of BnS’s combat system and the way Arena PvP is, then you’ll find enough to like about the game, because those are the main two crowning strong points. Combat is almost fighting game like, with combos and animation cancels and such. If you want random fun side activities, minigames, or roleplay-friendly features and such, then there isn’t much for that here.

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Blade & Soul: grinding, and I’m really loving this game

At the moment though, I really don’t like how everything is gated behind this merry potter RNG rare ass drop. I’ve been running this countless times at the hopes that I can outbid another player for it. The alternative is pay players who were lucky enough to get this thing and are making hundreds of BNS Gold because of it. I would rather grind a dungeon over and over for a chance at my weapon, than pay lucky players, as the only way of advancing my gear. Even if it took a month of grinding for a weapon, i’d prefer it over scrounging around for 10g while this guy is making 100g a day because of rng.

I should be running poh over and over to get geared out, not brightstone ruins with a hope at a merry potter recipe. I mean accessories need five of these moonwater transformation stones. At current prices that’s 50g for one. Or I could spend/farm 60g in mats and make 10, if I had this recipe is a 5% (guess) rng drop that needs to be bidded against to get. I saw a damn player with a maxed out siren sword already, it had 100 more attack. That’s insane. Just because he was lucky enough to get the merry potter drop.

Why upgrade Accessories? Non-Legendary Accessories is one of the most scummiest thing in BnS history, you waste hundreds of BNS Golds, for what? Barely any improvement. Stick with Awakened Infernal, it’s fine. Don’t upgrade. This saves you a lot of trouble and gold. It’s not even end game yet, you can bet NA Accessory upgrade gonna get worse.

As for weapon, stay at True Profane 10, just couple stones to get there, and you can nearly get 5~10 BNS Golds per day. Why go further? Awakened Siren 10 is garbage, barely much difference and you SACRIFICED one of the best buffs in the game from True Profane. Sure, you going to feel that difference with True Siren 10, that’s why you should only upgrade from True Profane all the way to True Siren without any break. BUT, there’s no need to go that far. The Supply Chain, Harbor, Mushin 1~7 can all be annihilated with True Profane 10.

tldr Forget that recipe and just farm your daily Blade & Soul Gold, by the time you have 100~500 golds, the stones would be at lower prices and you can easily go from True Profane to True Siren. Have fun, you are the one playing the game, NOT the other way around.

Blade and soul Silverfrost maps

So i finally got more time to run trough new maps and my impression was not good at all.
I mean maps are huge but empty and watching pretty background gets boring really fast.

Also human nature never cease to amaze me not sure if its the fault of fast and easy cross-server dungeon thing or what but most ppl will rather solo everything then join the party or actually bother making one. My gem of experiance was in beastbog where it was obvious that multiple ppl are solo just trying hard to ks from each other and one especially smart dude out of them overpulled mobs and died with Blade & Soul Gold. Which made him rage at me coz i was near him and didn’t help him or sent him invite to pt. Now at that time i was solo but my request for pt was pending and nobody applyed for half a hour so yeah…

Other then that for boring dailys where you get mostly rng boxes (boss included) waiting time for respwams is just too high i dont even bother waiting for those around as i wasted 1h in beastbog till that one spwamed.
And then you die and miss your chance to finish quest.
Now E.fleet and harbor ware boring at time but easy enough which made them effective for what they ware an pve fix for a day. But those new ones so far are just major boredom of waiting till something happens.

Other then that this whole thing screams beta as in rushed as in not polished enough when i look at their translation so far and i dont mean just on those google.translate (or maybe was it yahoo one) skill discriptions but other stuff as well.
It just felt at time like someone played prank on dude who was doing voiceover and then one writting sub for cinematics by giving them 2 diffrent scripts as some parts had whole conversation not matching up.

Harvest thing is nice example of not enough info as i was confused of how or where to even start it till i asked in global chat.

For some reason game feels more unstable then before i got 2-3 crashes during story cinematic and it tends to drop Blade And Soul Items just as boss is about to unload his big attack which makes me miss my defensive skill and then i die.

Thats about it so far can’t say that i’m enjoying it much well guess time will tell if stuff changes once more ppl start doing dailys etc.
Didn’t bother with any pvp including faction so can’t comment much on those.

Travel around the Blade & Soul field attacking different targets

A very insightful post, it sounds like the class suffers from they typical hybrid mentality, on paper it should be able to do two jobs but not as well as the pure ones … However their versatility is supposed to be their strength. There are a few games that have hybrid classes. Some do well, others stay forever in the “not so great” category. Sounds like Soul Fighter has a little while to go before its brought in line with other classes, but this post gave me hope for the future. Thank you very much, Blade-Soul still eager to see what this class holds for NA release once all the kinks have been worked out.

Also much of the griping might also come from the fact Warlock was (simplistically) powerful out of the gate, thus setting an expectation that was unrealistic for SF. At least that’s how I see it.

I.e It is played as a hit and run type of class whereby you travel around the field attacking different targets a few times each while building up your stacks, your party members or tank are attacking the other targets in a more full-on manner. When you finally have enough stacks, you choose 1 or more target(s) and unleash your V/F flurry/barrage.

You can move around while doing V/F as long as you are within attack range for V/F to execute. If you are too far away, the attack will not work but once you are close enough again, as long as the timer for V/F is on, you will continue to attack.

In this respect, I think it is too premature to comment that this class isn’t doing well and alot of criticism on forums about the class sucking, it is a hybrid and so on may be unjustified.

The class has only been released for barely 2 months on KR and half a month on the CN servers and in 10 days on TW/JP so its full potential has not been explored more BNS Gold.
Also, the devs in KR would have to keep track of how the class is being played and it is very likely changes will be added.

KFM also underwent something similar in the past, so I wouldn’t rule out any changes in the near future that would perhaps drastically change how the skill sets of the SF work out.

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Blade & Soul Merry Potter Recipe

Except that line of argument has absolutely nothing to do with the complaint. The poster made no mention of the prices of anything at all. For all anyone knows, the poster got an early Merry Potter recipe and was able to advance relatively simply by paying the prices. The poster might have had to save in game gold from dailies and play the market. The poster might have only gotten the True Siren because of the significantly lowering costs of moonwater trans stones.

The complaint was about a player that played the game feeling that his Blade & Soul Gold was cheapened by adding cash shop short cuts. And the response was nonsensical.

I understand people have differing opinions about things, but it would be very nice if people didn’t attempt to dismiss the opinions of someone else based on an argument completely irrelevant.

But the prices going down still effectively “cheapens” his achievement. It’s an inevitable consequence. By rushing for it you basically are sacrificing the convenience of having things being much more accessible at a later time, in return for being one of the first to have it. I don’t see how that’s dismissing his argument, just offering a valid counterpoint.

To clarify further, what I’m trying to say is the prices were already going down quickly anyway and while the rng boxes did have an effect I’m not convinced the effect was so huge as for it to be worth getting worked up over.

The amount of blade and soul gold you can obtain now is significantly diminishing

The amount of blade and soul gold you can obtain now is significantly diminishing since bots are controlling/manipulating market prices with the soulstones and moonwater transformation stones. Another issue with this is that a lot of things that are essential in this game have static values– such as the requirements to upgrade items and craft items, but the most frustrating is the amount of time required to complete a craft. which for the most important are like 12+ hours.

A good aspect with the bots is that they deflate the prices of soulstones/moonwater stones, allowing players to buy them dirt cheap which is good for the casual player. But to the players that farm soulstones and craft mts for their main source of income, this really screws them over. Big time. It is already hard as is to farm bns gold, but now it is beginning to look bleak. In just one week, soulstone and mts prices HALVED…

The supply of soulstones and mts have increased, but so has their DEMAND. Infact, the demand has increased pretty significantly. All of this increase in supply and demand happened in an extremely rapid pace– something like a week! Prices should not plummet like this in a normal market without bots…since demand is keeping up with the supply at an equivalent pace, we should be seeing the price following a more linear progression, not a steep slope. But now with bots flooding the market, they have drastically increased the supply and cut prices significantly to induce demand– which they can afford to do since they completely profit off botting. Not to mention the snow ball effect bots have on the player supply of soulstones, which adds to deflated prices since players more easily can attain blade & soul gold+ and win easy beans against bots.

This is extremely frustrating. Bots are infecting ALL aspects of the game now, and I’m on the verge of quitting this game until this gets resolved or atleast monitored to reasonable levels.

You cannot apply real world macro economics to an mmo since in an mmo there is potentially an unlimited supply of bns gold/materials you can make. In the real world where actual money represents a product/good of real value, the creation of wealth is much slower and there are limits to how much of a particular thing you can accumulate, whereas in an mmo there are no restrictions to the creation of blade-soul gold/some materials. Players can continually create wealth, so the balance of money power between gold sellers and players isn’t really an issue. Not only that, the wealth of goldsellers/bots will eventually go back into the playerbase because that is their goal– to sell bns gold for real life money. It’s just the interim between those transactions that effects the in game economy, which again isn’t significant in terms of money power.

The real issue is the fact that bns gold sellers are using the bots to make a 100% profit, in every sense of the world, in selling anything they acquire in game. They are not spending any personal time farming for the materials. They can afford to drop the prices because of that, and will manipulate the market prices, ie dropping them, to eliminate competition. By significantly undercutting the prices they are increasing their sales. It’s slow at first since the bots will need to generate revenue, but once they start getting a large amount of gold, you will see the prices plummet like we are seeing because they can afford to(like you were saying) and to drive out competitors. The ideal situation for bns gold sellers is to sell so cheap to drive out real players from selling their ss. A huge portion of the market and making blade & soul gold for real life players basically disappears.

I never said that it wasn’t negative in the long run, however, I actually completely agree with that statement. Bots/gold sellers deflate the prices of whatever item they sell, and thus increases the purchasing power of the playerbase for those particular goods, meaning they can buy more of them, thus increasing the demand. This translates into more profits for them, and the cycle continues. A significant portion of real players will not be selling as much ss as before because they are being driven out by the low prices. Blade And Soul Gold sellers are really just monopolizing certain parts of our in game market.

As long as this continues, more bots will be made since it is in their desires to make up for the decreasing prices with more bots to increase their supply of particular materials/blade and soul gold.

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Why are Summoners shown no love in 50 PvP?

As most know (Those who have played other servers), once 50 cap hits with HM lvls 10+, Summoner fall off the charts of arena PvP considerably. It seems like the main classes are given more love, but the only 2 lyn classes (BD as well) are thrown in the trash and not even considered. Most classes get their extra stats on their skills with more lvls while Blade Dancer and Summoner don’t really get anything extra as their skill trees are not as large and expandable as the other classes.

And because of that, the main classes are able to build more points into specifically countering these 2 classes while BD and SMN can’t. It is highly unbalanced and unfair when i get countered so hard on summoner i can’t even do anything. I’m a Platinum Summoner and the verge of Diamond. No, i rarely went against any bots since i started at the beginning of the new season. The only bots iv’e went against are the lame summoner resist hacking bots sitting at high plat. So before people throw the lame “Get gud”, i know what i’m doing with summoner. It’s just that when you go against others who also know what their doing as well to counter summoners with a specific build where as summoners basically only have 1 build, it’s kinda unfair and unbalanced.

Let’s take a look at some things between classes…

1*- Summoners have 4 CC. Cat Lunge which Stuns, Their “2″ which dazes, Cat Hammer Dazes and the Cat Knock Down. The Cat Hammer Daze and Knockdown are a pain in the ass to land when your target keeps moving as your cat keeps lunging at them, so basically your target has to be still to actually have a chance to hit them. 2 Escapes, well, literally 1 escape. Their “2″ is basically their only escape. The Cat recall is unreliable sometimes. Summoners Don’t have a Q or E like the other classes (Besides Des). Only SS with seed shroud which every other class can counter with their shield block cancel skills which results in a stun or daze while summoners shield block counter is a mere knockdown.

2*- Blademasters have 11 CC…..11. Now with all those skills points at 50 HM 10+, yea, kinda unfair and unbalanced. They can easily combo down your cat 100-0 with all those dazes, KD and stuns. Then you’re next. I have faced VERY few BM’s that were actually good and chained combo’d everything perfectly. It’s retarded they have so many CC.

3*- Destroyers have 7 CC on top of all the Slow, Stun, Daze, Knockback Resist, etc, etc. Increased movement speed while Spinning which makes it hard for SMN’s to get away because all they have is SS, Seed Shroud (F) and their X if none are on CD. Summoners only have 1 knock down which is a pain to land on destroyer, other than that, it’s extremely hard for a SMN to win against a good destroyer.

4* – Kungfu Master have 9 CC on top of their Constant Q and E resist bullcrap which builds up to “Max Agility” which they resist everything for 6 seconds. All of their CC are AoE which makes it easy to 100-0 a summoner once the cat runs in.

5* – ForceMaster have 5 CC on top of their Freeze safeguards which heal them for a lot and then Divine Veil which heals for a lot. And the ability to constantly freeze enemies in place by hitting them or being hit, such bullcrap. Because once you use your SS on summoner, you basically get frozen in place again, at this point if your SeedShroud is down and X too, you’re fcked.

6* – Warlock have 6 CC on top of their “C” which prevents Daze, stun etc and or auto targeting. Also they can refresh the CD of all their skills by 3 times for 5 seconds. So basically im constantly rooted, stunned, dazed until death while they spam all their skills on me which are basically all fckin AOE which seed shroud doesn’t counter unless you press “F” which has like a 25 second CD.

7* – Assassin have 7 CC on top of the constant stealth 99% of the match. Summoners only way of catching a Assassin is when they get Doom’d and Gloried or cat puts down a bomb, that’s it. Most assassins who do get caught run to the opposite side of the damn arena while you’re slowed to a fckin snail and they just re-stealth and repeat hit and run.

8* – Blade Dancers have 7 CC. Now for summoners, Blade Dancers have their Spinning Resist for 2 seconds on top of their “V” which can resist anything for like 2 seconds each cast up to 3 times and then “Z” which heals them 10% and resist 5 attacks. Alternating between these 3 is keeps everything on a low CD. Can’t Root them, they just spin away with 60% movement speed. Constant force grabs, yea yea.

The major point of all this? At High Tier PvP, it is highly unfair and unbalanced for Summoners while every other class can easily dominate them. Also, this is not counting Hongmoon skills. The amount of CC and other Favorable stats for the main classes just makes summoner look dumb because summoners don’t have a large expandable skill tree like the other classes do. With a mere 4 CC which are mainly Dazes while others have multiple stuns, its bullshit.

Other’s complain about the Summoners cat which can only grab you every 18 seconds assuming i Stun,Daze or KD you within each interval. And most people tab out of it right away. But when you have other classes with more multiple CC’s and combo’s which can 100-0 a Summoner in literally 2-3 seconds no one says anything about that. Summoners literally have no real combo besides Cat Grab and Sunflower. That’s it. I can’t 100-0 someone like a KFM and Destroyer. So when people complain about Summoners being to hard to fight, their not. They are at the bottom of the list in high tier PvP at the later levels, even in PvE as well. Blade Dancers also fall into this category sadly as well at high tier PvP.

~~All of these CC #’s were counted off the BnSTree. I know i may have missed some things in this rant but the outcome is clear. For those who’ve never played on any other servers, you will see once 50 10+ HM hits. For those who have played on other servers for a couple of Blade And Soul Gold, know that SMN needs a little love as well as BD.

as a Summoner main myself, I don’t think the issue of CC is what makes us fall HARD in high tier pvp. It seems that it has more to do with how the class is designed.

For starters, We summoners rely more on field control than any other class ( got to pay attention to my cat “buddy” and see if he is fine, manage most of my CC’s which the cat is mainly responsible for, health, distance and my defensive CD ).

because we are also built to be a 2 in 1 marshmallow class, the way to fight against any summoner comes to any of 2 ways: CC the hell out of the summoner and burst them down (can’t give cats any commands during hard CC) or Kill the cat first (unless it goes into tank stance) then summoner (kill the cat infront of summoner after tank stance wears off). Any of those 2 approach works interchangeably in a duel. Summoner Pwns in low tier pvp but once you figure out how to deal with them it becomes another dead cat gallery. as for other classes its more of a Figure out how they build and play then deal the hurt when the opportunity comes up.

Since we are so easy to kill with the limited 2 option way of approach, we have to manage the full use of the class and understand the build and playstyle of our opponent to ensure victory (usually by annoying the hell out of them and make them make mistakes).

This is what makes us the hard to master class.

So with all said, I don’t think its a balance issue in my opinion. Just the mechanic and learning curve of this class.

Warlock has more dps and party support?

I’m looking for a ranged character as an alt. I don’t want the Summoner because I don’t really like Lyns so that’s out of the question.

From what I understand, Warlock is like a ballista, a stationary caster. Force Master is more mobile and yet also more defensive due to ice skills and more iframes. Warlock has more dps and party support? Visuals wise, both are really cool to me. I like to be mobile so I’m sort of leaning towards Force Master but, WL/FM mains, what about your class makes you love it? Aka convince me to play either class.

I should mention that I intend to mainly PvE, so their prowess in PvP matters not to me.I should mention that I don’t particularly like to PvP (will occasionally 3v3 with clan members but PvE is my main focus)

Hm, there really is only one person here who’s like “definitely this class!” lol. Thanks for all of your input though! It’s still a tough call since both look so cool but I think I’m leaning more and more towards FM.

A lot of people complain that Summoners don’t need to put forth nearly as much effort to be good in PvP as other classes, I can’t say this for myself because I haven’t touched PvP since I reached blade and soul gold on my BM during the first pre-season (though I remember Summoners not giving me too much trouble… though that’s probably because everyone in my rank was a noob… including me). It’s no lie that Summoners can easily hide behind their cats so while it’s not as bad as 2 players vs 1 player, it’s definitely worse than a straight up 1v1 since it is difficult to ignore the cat unless you immediately sleep it. (can the cat escape that? I’m not sure… perhaps someone with more PvP knowledge can explain this)

I know about the faction dailies, but I almost always do them with my clan, otherwise I skip the open world PvP quest.I generally learn some PvP because sometimes I actually enjoy it, simply that PvP is not my main focus.

I would say choose whichever one u like the best if equal in liking maybe make both if ur so inclined i chose fm cause i rlly like it and was only casting class at da time. Do note that as of right now Warlock is really only war its half of the class due to it being originally released at lvl 50 and despite other videos u see from other regions this wl is nerfed hard and even harder at lvl 45 but lv50 soon so yay.

Some basic things about each:
WL: amazing buff cd reset access to awakened skills loved in ppts but super long cd
Does a surprising amount of dmg can be speced to get a maximum downtime of 12s
Stupidly high burst when managed right however little no no dps when not managed/ all cds down
Basically wl is a nuking class with super high burst and some pt buffs but super squishy and outside those burst skills it has like 0 dps. You need to manage ur cds well and the whole class is based off CD resets in order to provide continued burst.

High dps, easy to cause sustained dps
Can anicancel to fire off lots of skills in a short amount of time to further increase dmg
only 2 def skills (1 applies to pt) both have long-semi long cds (30 and 60s)
3 iframes total including SS

Basically fm is a “run and gun” type it provides lots of dmg (A LOT) but thats countered by its 2 long cd skills which needs to be saved for the right moments and lackluster tanking ability. Note to provide the maximum dmg relies on how well ur ani canceling is which if u dont ani cancel or are very bad at it then ur dmg kinda falls off also ur dps is somewhat reliant on burn debuff.

Some skills:
Blaze beam (hits like a truck) no cd
Divine veil : aoe shield protects pt mems within range from projectiles (ONLY)
Frost sheath: aoe def skill causes u to be encased in frost armour when hit, super useful for annihilation boss moves
Ice armour personal def skill 1 min cd heals and resists
Duel dragon/Dragonfrost/blaze: used with orbit stacks which u get from using certain skills, dragonblaze/frost single target causes some effects and hits hard. Duel dragon hardest hitting skill liner aoe causes effects